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Consignment Form

Thank you for choosing us. Lets get you PAID!

  • Your live auction is scheduled on eBay within 72 hours of receiving your cards

  • You're paid within 24 hours of your cards have been paid for by the buyer

Our goal is to extract maximum value for you, fast.

  • We pay for all shipping supplies.

  • All fees are paid for by FYE.

  • We schedule your live auctions during a prime time.

  • Currently, we are only accepting sports cards & Pokemon cards.

  • There is no cap on the number of cards you can send in

  • There is no hold, or wait time - once we receive this executed form we look out for your package, and get to work immediately.

  • Our preferred method of payout is a Cash.

  • The payout to you is 70% with the Next Day Pay Program


Please send your consignment order to:
Fye Sports Cards
5509 Colleyville B
Suite #260
Colleyville, Texas 76034

Getting YOU PAID FAST is our #1 task!

Thank you!

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